Peripatetic Services


Assembly Presentation

I have compiled a 10-15 minute live interactive assembly presentation used to engage children in music and an introduction to my teaching.  This is aimed at KS2 but can be adapted for KS1 and 3.  For further information on this please contact me


What I can offer to create an inspirational learning environment…

As  a music teacher I have been involved in many projects in both schools and the private sector.  I have studied both music and the importance of music education within our children.  I have written this report for anyone in the educational system to highlight some of the reasons music education should be looked upon as an imperative part of our teaching and how I can use my past experience to assist.


Free Taster Session

As a multi instrumentalist who strongly values the importance of music education, I would like to offer my services for no fee for a free taster session. The goal is to teach a variety of core musician skills and hopefully inspire children to want to continue learning a musical instrument in a fun environment.

I would also like to offer a one on one taster lesson to every child at the school in an assembly presentation.


So how can I make a difference? 

Although musical instruments, technology and teaching has moved forward at a rapid pace, the same philosophy of old is still been taught to learn music.  Often the same melodies taught from a stave from generation to generation.  Although this method has been adopted for hundreds of years it goes against our brains learning style.

I adopt an “Ears before Eyes” learning approach, which is as natural as the way we all learned to speak and which is a central tenet of music tuition.


Along with good inspirational tuition, it is important we keep the children inspired and motivated.  Performances, recordings and exams are a good stimulant.


It is very important to enable children to express their creativity through performance and composition.

Having taught recording techniques and sound engineering I have orchestrated for musicals including Sound of Music, Oliver, The Producers, Annie and Guys and Dolls to name a few so I like to create full performance experiences for children with full backing.



As schools work towards GCSE/A- level, in private lessons my students work with either the ABRSM or Trinity Rock School syllabus.  All of these boards are accredited and can give an annual goal for a recognised music certificate.

A certificate presentation (I have taken over 100 students through formal ABRSM, Trinity and Rockschool exams and have a 100% pass rate)



I aim to give learners a broad range of intellectual, technical and creative skills so the pupils themselves would be the ones to decide what they might want to do musically.  That decision is often predetermined by many teachers, simply by adopting a curriculum that’s too narrow.

I can offer your school a unique way in which to distinguish it from its neighbouring schools by identifying defining beliefs, ethos and values. With a range of strategic planning I aspire to enhance your schools ability to increase the engagement of your pupil’s, staff and parents.

I am available for music tuition, theory and instrumental, choirs, orchestras and am available for on-site or off-site consultation to work with you to create a strategy and valuable internal guide that will enhance all future school activities. In so doing I’ll help you create the impact you need to engage pupils and multiply support from parents and the community.