About Me

Joe Holt BA Hons

Music has been a strong influence on the family for many generations. Joe’s mother played the piano to a high level and his great grandfather was a composer and concert pianist. Joe began piano lessons at the age of 4 and by the age of 7 he moved to the keyboard playing pop, jazz and blues mostly.

At 16 Joe developed a passion for the piano and went on to achieve a bursary to study classical piano with Sally Goodworth at Brunel University in West London, performing various pieces in recitals from composers such as Erik Satie, Chopin, Glinka and Rachmaninoff. Joe also went on to achieve a 2.1 in creative music and technology with Brunel.

“Whilst the piano was my passion I still got alot of joy from playing in pop bands such as Badmanners and this experience has been invaluable for me as a musician and a teacher.”

Joe has been teaching the piano since 2003 and teaching the keyboard since his teacher training with Hull’s Yamaha Music School in 2006.

“I am constantly training to improve my teaching, playing and knowledge of music so that i can be the best.”